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To Thank All Of You

This is an unscheduled post to thank all of you for the well wishes. I'm most appreciative of them. I have to say though that nothing is life threatening. I'm really fine. It's a problem with some muscles that are not working properly and it's been a real challenge exercising them. There are 3 sets of exercises that I have to do twice a day, plus get on the treadmill. I'm also experiencing some muscles that have grown "lazy" in my back and legs from sitting and reading so much. I absolutely hate exercising and this is coming from a woman who in the 80s was a fitness buff, jazzercizing 5 times a week for an hour! But I was 30 years younger. ;-) I do each of the 6 exercises 15 times and have almost gotten to the point I can't count above 15 anymore! :-) I'm guessing this is a trial for me to get busier? Hmmm?

So while this is unscheduled and am doing it at 10:20 am on Friday, the 11th of January, I have also promised to post nothing without the eye candy. So here are a few more photos but I'm skipping the text above the photos today to get it out there to thank you.

Remember, I have well over 7,200 pins on my Pinterest for you to see. Go and visit and follow if you'd like. I know you won't be disappointed with the eye candy there.


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