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Room Guide: Master Suites that Up the Romance

It's Valentines Day, which means most people are turning up the romantic volume in their life.  Does your master suite reflect that same va-va-voom?  A romantic room doesn't have to be filled to the brim with flowers and candles (although keep in mind, guys, those are always a good idea).  Here are few tips on upping the atmosphere of your master sanctuary.

"I'm going to surround myself with wood.  Wood, Jerry! Wood!"  (please tell me there are some Seinfeld lovers out there who know what I'm talking about)
Ok, so we aren't really talking about wall to wall, floor to ceiling wood, although that could work in the right circumstances.  We are referring to the power of wood architectural details and trimwork in a master suite design. Granted, we are an architectural firm, so perhaps we are a little biased, but we believe the introduction of wood textiles to the pallet can have a very calming effect.  Plus it looks gorgeous, and what's more romantic than that!

We love a curved wall or barrel ceiling.  We especially love a curved wall or barrel ceiling in the master suite.  They add an element of whimsy, which can feel very fairy-tale-like and enchanting.  Now there's a way to live happily ever after!  

Take advantage of the views
If your master bedroom or bath have great views, embrace it!  Position the bed to make the most of the view and let nature make the ambiance.  The hues of a sunset are some of the most romantic light God created.

From mirrors to wallpaper to fabrics to furniture, the texture of the decor can reflect a sense of sophistication and relaxation.  Using a mixture of woods, natural fibers, and leathers all evoke a calm that turns the master suite into a retreat.  Metallics can often reflect beautiful light patterns in the room which are especially gorgeous by candle light. 

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