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Room Guide: Built-In's

When buying or building a home, consider how much storage you will need and what you will want on display. Built-in's are a great way to integrate storage into the floor plan without having to buy additional furnishings for your home. A built-in can be anything from a linen closet or kitchen cabinets to a window seat or book case, they all help to open up floor space and create additional storage needed to organize your home. Built-in's can creatively utilize all of the available square footage in dead spaces such as the space under the stairs or in under used closets. 

This Old House Magazine published an article by Joseph D'Agnese, "Built-in Storage Ideas", that displays some creative ways to utilize existing spaces with built-in's. 
Photo Credit:  Julian Wass Via.
Here are some built-in's designed by Visbeen Architects that provide functional storage and add to the overall ascetics of the home. 
This built-in bar is easily accessible in the passthrough between rooms. It allows for convenience and design appeal with the glass faced cabinets displaying the miniature refrigerator and barware. 
Framing a doorway with a built-in bookshelf is a clever way display your library and to add character to any room. 
 This corner built-in bookshelf fits in with the curves of the rest of the home. It provides storage while still allowing extra light to enter and brighten up the room.
 The e-space built-in provides a location for work without having to add the square footage of a full home office to the floor plan. 
 Having a built-in next to a fireplace is a creative way to store and display firewood. 
 For kitchens with limited cabinet space; a closet built-in with pocket doors creates storage that can be hidden to reduce visible clutter. 
This built-in reading nook is the perfect spot to curl up and read a good book   
 For all of the pet lovers out there, this is a great way to create a space just for your pet and avoid spilling the food and water on the floor. 

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