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Room Guide: Fireplace

With temperatures dropping as fast as the snow, I think we can all agree that winter has officially arrived in West Michigan. Love it or hate it, why not find yourself a cozy spot next to a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate to keep the chill of winter at bay. Your fireplace can be an accent feature to a room or can easily become the focal point. Check out some of the traditional, the modern and the ultra cool fireplaces that have been designed by Visbeen Architects.

The dark wood mantle of this fireplace creates a focal point for this lighter toned room
 Seeing double? This see through, two-way, fireplace has been placed in the middle of the living room in order to create two separate spaces while maintaining an open floor plan 
  A modern, low profile, fireplace gives way to the artistic to create their own unique space that warms the room
A more traditional fireplace with warmer tones that helps you feel right at home
Look again…Although you may not see it, this fireplace has 4 sides, some of which include storage for wood or blankets
This wide, modern, fireplace is the centerpiece that brings extra warmth to the vaulted ceiling room
A dramatically dark mantle of this fireplace along with dark accent pieces brings warmth into this large, multipurpose, living space
A two-way, see though, fireplace has been placed in the center of the room to be enjoyed from both sides in this costal home
For those warmer nights that you want to spend outdoors, why not spend them around an outdoor fireplace?
Do you know where this 4-sided, outdoor, fireplace is located?

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