Bringing Home Six Best in American Living Awards

Over the last couple days our firm has been featured in the Grand Rapids Press and on MLive in both the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo areas for our success in winning 6 national awards in the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) competition. We are very proud of the work our team was able to accomplish in designing these homes and we would like to thank all of the talented building and design teams that worked on these projects. 

Our Heritage Is Important To Our Progeny

I'm going to remind you again of my Pinterest page where I have almost 14,000 photos of nothing but eye candy. If almost 11,000 followers find them interesting and beautiful, I'm sure you'll like to at least view them. I promise you won't be disappointed. Nothing BUT eye candy. A feast for the eyes!

There are times when I need "comfort" food. Hubby always knows because I look at him with puppy dog eyes, put my curled hands up to my chin and whine like a puppy. He knows what that means. He's a sucker for it and will run to the store for whatever I need: Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks ice cream, cinnamon rolls, Häagen Dazs butter pecan or some kind of vanilla with caramel, cake or Drumsticks ice cream cones or even Werthers caramels. It depends on how I feel as to what I want. Since I've had this terrific cough for a week, it's been especially bad. I don't feel sick, don't hurt or ache, just coughing my head off. It started when we got an inversion in our city and the cold air just made me cough when I went out in it. Know what I mean? I'm sick of it. So I sent him grocery shopping a few minutes ago and put a few "comfort" foods on the list. ;-)

My great grandgirls, C & J, have become interested in our heritage, which is important in our church, and the oldest one who is almost 4 years old is asking about her great great grandmothers and great great great great grandmother also. I've sent my granddaughter the information but they also want stories. Stories are a big part of their lives as their Dada and Mummy read to them a lot, every night at least. So granddaughter wants me to send stories to them so they'll be acquainted with MY history. It's been a chore but I have to do it since I'm in my 70s and don't have a whole lot of time left and certainly want those little munchkins to have some memories of me. I'm also including some photos with each story so they'll know what I was like as a kid. I think it's a good idea.

While we were over there in February we saw this painting done by the one who is almost 4. I was stunned that she could actually paint a dog. You DO realize it's a dog, right? I can't even draw a stick dog!! Her father and uncle are artists though so she's inheriting it from the other side of the family. Her dada can draw just about anything. I truly have never seen so much talent in a man—computer scientist, artist, handyman extraordinaire and a story teller with a fantastic imagination.

I don't know if this photo has been photoshopped but it doesn't look real to me—beautiful!—but not real.

There's always a bit of French and a bit of English in my home, 2 groups of my ancestry besides Dutch and Mexican.

Isn't this wisteria just beautiful? Goes perfect with the shutters on this shop.

How fortunate for this homeowner to have so much light in her kitchen. But if she lives in a warm climate it must get pretty warm in there in the summer season...if she lives in the northern hemisphere, but if it's in Australia or New Zealand then it would be the winter season that's warm. I knew a guy from Australia once and he was shocked upon his first day in the U.S. because our toilet flush water swirls in the opposite direction. He thought the toilet was getting stopped up.

Just yum!!!!!!! Hubby made me a chocolate cake last night as I'm having a terrible time with a cough. Not sick, feverish, just coughing. So is he. But I wanted comfort food and that's what he baked. Wonderful hubby. ;-)

A room I love and think is very cozy.

I like this sofa but I'd probably never buy one like it. A bit too busy for my taste.

But I do love this distinctive dining room. Great for entertaining and it's made to stand out in this home. Marvelous!

Oooooh, yeah!! I could live in this home in a heart beat. Only I'd have to have someone else clean it.

A cute English cottage with pretty windows, curtains and flowers with a lush green lawn.

Another darling living room.

I love this room and the way it's arranged but that painting on the back wall would HAVE to go. I mean GOOOOOO!!! Maybe it's their kids' school/fantasy project. ;-)

Another cute pillow.

There's always room for apple pie with ice cream. I think they put a dollop of cream on this. Let's not cut corners here, just slather it with premium vanilla ice cream!!!!

And a home in Greece. They seem to love blue and pink with white the main color. Beautiful!
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Decorating a tiny Apartment

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Interior bedroom apartment idea

For those of you who have a large apartment, do not need to be so hard to organize the pattern and space requirements. But for other small-sized apartments that matter. It is a bit tricky to organize the vast space requirements in order to impress but the functions are met. For it may be the following tips useful:

The use of a glass / mirror will provide a broad space to be redoubled. Glass / mirror can be mounted on walls, furniture, or even just like a window opening. The use of glass / mirror will make the room as if the volume is doubled. This is in accordance with the laws of reflection of light. With mirrors, the room will feel more spacious.

The play of light will greatly affect the impression of space. Dim light will make the room feel warm and make a view would wander to the corners of the room. So the room will feel destined narrow as the original. Similarly, the use of floodlights (spot lamp) mounted on the ceiling or wall, will give the feel, charm and atmosphere of the room is very different. The light is indeed a powerful moment to make space so different atmosphere.

Decorating a tiny apartment

Use the short-sized furniture. Short table, short sofa, a low bench, will make the room airy due to the reduced volume of the furniture-furniture yet so functions can still be met. Great Selection of furniture is not recommended. Use small-sized furniture. If you use a large sofa, a chair that put the long-legged and slender.

Interior bedroom design for small apartment

Leave the installation of curtains in the old way. Try to put up new curtains in a way that is full up to the ceiling. Fitting in this way can give the impression of space is high. Of course curtain motif coupled with the vertical stripes for example. The room will look more spacious.

Lake Style Cottages

The warm up yesterday gave me hope that spring will be here soon, however, as I am watching it snow (again) I cannot help reminiscing about warmer days spent at the lake...
When it comes to lakefront living there are few things to consider. Waterfront: Take advantage of the views provided by mother nature. Lot size and slope:  Both can impact the decision of the size of your cottage and the style. How will you use the cottage: Will it be a private retreat or are you interested in hosting large groups of people, will it be a single family home, have room to entertain or will it be a multifamily cottage? 

The Vision you have for your lake cottage will be executed perfectly when working with the team at Visbeen Architects. Your dream home will be drawn out on paper in detail and you will know exactly what you are getting before your home is even built. Check out these before and after images of lake style cottages designed by Visbeen Architects

Emmett:  Detached Garage to fit the narrow lot.

 Allenwood:  Multi-family cottage with dual master suites and room for guests.

Stoney Pointe:  The perfect size with plenty of outdoor entertainment space.

Tupelo:  Built on a steep slope resulting in a 20 foot drop from the front door to the second lower level.

Hasserton:  Single-Family modern lake home that takes advantage of the panoramic views.

West Wind:  Sitting on a narrow lot this home lives large by taking advantage of every square foot.

Th' Grandgirls' Performance in Sneaky!

When we drove over to Washington State to visit our granddaughter and her family recently, we were treated to "concerts" every day and night from the great grandgirls. Now, they both love the camera when mom has it and try whine till they can get it from her. Here is one video my granddaughter put on my thumb drive for me before we left. It shows both of them trying sneakily to get the camera after she places it on the family room coffee table. Just notice how "sneaky" the oldest one is! Then she starts to pout by laying her head on the cabinet. Just too funny for us. The youngest just goes for it without any deviousness. We love to watch them. I cannot tell you how many times I watch these videos on my iMac. As I've said before, you don't have to view it if you don't want to but I get to post it since this is my blog. ;-)

A delightful dining area.

And a delightful white one also.

Sometimes these homes seem cuter than then ones we have in this country. Look how those upper windows swing in from the cute wall beneath. Lovely garden and a sweet door swinging out.

A simply gorgeous, divine bathroom.

This reminds me of an ice cream tulip but I don't think I've ever seen one with a green center. Beautiful though.

Another lovely patio dining area.

Blue isn't my favorite color but this open shelving cabinet is adorable.

Can you imagine a bright and shiny green kitchen. Pretty and original but I think I'd tire of it fast.

Bouquet of flowers on a beautiful chair.

I'm pretty sure this is in San Francisco as I've lived close and been there many, many times. My favorite city for shopping and dining.

Just a simple vignette for a wedding party. Unique without a lot of cost. See what can be done on th' cheap.

I've always loved red and white checks and find this cute.

I'd love to have a counter this big and this pink, but then I'd have to cook and we all know how I feel about cooking more than twice a week.

Aren't these eggs gorgeous?!

I've been thinking about making one like this to hang in my laundry room. I think it's very clever and darling.
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With the never ending fall of snow it is difficult to think that sumer will ever come... I am sure many of you have been dreaming of warmer days where the sun is shining and we don't have to wear our parkas and boots. Hopefully our home design Inverness can give us all a little hope to last us until summer comes. Go ahead, dream of those warm sunny days on the beach with your toes in the sand and nights spent sitting around a crackling fire. Enjoy!

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