Decorating a tiny Apartment

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Interior bedroom apartment idea

For those of you who have a large apartment, do not need to be so hard to organize the pattern and space requirements. But for other small-sized apartments that matter. It is a bit tricky to organize the vast space requirements in order to impress but the functions are met. For it may be the following tips useful:

The use of a glass / mirror will provide a broad space to be redoubled. Glass / mirror can be mounted on walls, furniture, or even just like a window opening. The use of glass / mirror will make the room as if the volume is doubled. This is in accordance with the laws of reflection of light. With mirrors, the room will feel more spacious.

The play of light will greatly affect the impression of space. Dim light will make the room feel warm and make a view would wander to the corners of the room. So the room will feel destined narrow as the original. Similarly, the use of floodlights (spot lamp) mounted on the ceiling or wall, will give the feel, charm and atmosphere of the room is very different. The light is indeed a powerful moment to make space so different atmosphere.

Decorating a tiny apartment

Use the short-sized furniture. Short table, short sofa, a low bench, will make the room airy due to the reduced volume of the furniture-furniture yet so functions can still be met. Great Selection of furniture is not recommended. Use small-sized furniture. If you use a large sofa, a chair that put the long-legged and slender.

Interior bedroom design for small apartment

Leave the installation of curtains in the old way. Try to put up new curtains in a way that is full up to the ceiling. Fitting in this way can give the impression of space is high. Of course curtain motif coupled with the vertical stripes for example. The room will look more spacious.

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