Woodside Residence

This Arts-and-Crafts design by Visbeen Associates was built by Holwerda Homes and is a perfect vacation property. Including the guest suite it has 4 bedrooms, 3 kitchens and tons of living space perfect for family gatherings or private retreat. By the way, this home, built in Northern Michigan, is for sale!

Bedrooms 11/30/09

Let's look at some lovely bedrooms today since it's a holiday weekend.

Isn't this lovely in its English countryside feel? What a joy to see that old trellis used in such a way.

A tad formal in its elegance this bedroom could be home to a courtly gentleman or a ranch out in the west.

A lover of plants must live here, but for me, it would have to be faux plants as I kill just about anything I try to water.

An English author resides in this bedroom. Very simplistic.

A retired ballerina resides here and even has a barre with which to practice on every day. Lovely...and not at all "put together" by an interior designer. The owner's taste definitely shows through in this room.

I love this look but my ceilings aren't tall enough to establish the look. My bed, however, looks very much like the bed...sans the poster frame.

Since we lived in the San Francisco Bay area, this scene is very reminiscent of our home there. Rain on the windows and plants just outside the door are a very common scene for that area.

Random Thoughts for Pink Saturday 11/28/09

Be sure and visit with Beverly at howsweetthesound for Pink Saturday. You'll see lots of pink, chicks.

The end of October I won a giveaway. I usually enter just to add my name to the pot never thinking I'll win it, and it's not a big deal with me anyway. I mean I love them but I just want to help support the bloggers. Anyway, several days ago I received the package in the mail from the blogger. I actually gasped when I opened the box. It far exceeded my expectations. Pictures never do the items justice as I well know, but this is just stunning in person. I'm delighted, Debi, just delighted!!!!

Full of little surprises...

...and more surprises.

The cutest tag I've come across in a long time.

And...squeeeeeeeeal...some vintage jewelry!!

And this is the kind of tree I'm going to have for the holidays next year hopefully:

And now that we've had the "eye candy", let's go to the...

Random Thoughts:
Recent experience. Men cannot multi-task like women. Love Bunny got quite distraught recently when I asked him to do something and he was doing something else. Now, this didn't involve something hard. But he actually got a bit testy. Men want one focus at a time. Heaven forbid we should disturb them when they have a tool in their hands! And just think of all the things a "mom" can do at one time. *Smile* Men don't seem to have the ability to do that, but they are worth keeping around. I love my man!

A book was recommended lately called Cracking the Boy's Club Code and it is truly wonderful for those women who are still in the working world. Basically it tells you to stop acting like a little girl when dealing with men. Lower your voice instead of that high little girl voice and you'll have more authority.

Dress for success! Yep, if you dress like a slut, you'll be treated as such. When I was in the working field I dressed professionally. Nothing on my body gave away my modesty. I cringe now when I go into stores and see what they wear for work! Even in my lounging I don't wear what those women wear to work. Flip flops? T-shirts? Sneakers? Bra straps showing? Tummies showing? How in the world do you expect to be treated like a lady if you "put it all out there for show? And don't give me that "Well, they should respect me"; noooooo, they shouldn't if you don't respect yourself! Act like a professional woman; you'll get farther.

Never drive around with a license plate that says "SPDBRAT." Duh...

Money talks, but chocolate definitely gives ME a buzzzzzzzzz.

While driving by the high school on my way shopping the other day I noticed the cars in the student's parking lot. Let me tell you, most of them have more expensive cars than I have. Now, we do not live in a wealthy town. This ain't Hollywood, folks! But those kids couldn't possibly afford those kind of cars even if they do work. Mom and dad had to buy it for them. Oh, maybe they pay for the gas, but there is no way most of them could afford a car as nice as the ones I saw in the lot. We never bought our kids a car. They bought it, maintained it, bought their own gas and worked at jobs to do this. It has served them well. They are both very independent and well off today for the things we wouldn't do for them. I feel sorry for the kids today who will now certainly inherit the debt from our government and will not have the extra money we had.

Love Bunny had a meeting with the bishop this past week to discuss some details on home teaching assignments. Just before he was to leave I noticed he had on a Harley-Davidson t-shirt (the one for H-D biker wanna-be! LOL) Conversation went like this:

She: I woudn't go visit the bishop in a Harley-Davidson t-shirt.

He: You're going to visit with the bishop?????

She: No. Let me put that another way: YOU'RE not going to go to church and visit with the bishop in that t-shirt.

He smiled. He changed his shirt.

At any given time, hubs can have 2 to 3 pairs of pants along with shirts on the chair next to his bed. I asked him recently if he would try to reduce it to one set of clothing for the next day. I think the key word he heard was "try". *Sigh*.........

Marie Antoinette #3

Happy Thanksgiving. Hubby and I are off having the holiday with my daughter, granddaughter and grandson. I hope you're with family and enjoying the blessing of having those you love around you and lots of food on the table.

Another Marie Antoinette doll I finished in which I used the court jester
diamond pattern since it's rather French looking and would have been frivolous and light-hearted for Marie. Throughout history the necklace has always been indicative of her beheading so I added that and a ribbon to the form.

And here she is on her pestestal.

And I should advise you to keep alert to this blog because....

...this Marie dress form will be a giveaway soon! Yep, you heard that right. She's going to be given away!!!

I'm grateful for patience. I don't have any but Love Bunny does because he'd have to have a lot to be married to me. So I'm grateful for him putting up with my impatience.

Modern Pendants from Lights Up

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that we have a soft spot for pretty, colorful things. We love decor that is fun, happy, and bright.

Our sales rep emailed us yesterday about Lights Up, a lighting company based out of New York. We love the line and thought we should share it with you. They make pretty, colorful pendants, which are really inexpensive and really fun. Lightsup's lead time is 10 days. The fabric can be customized.

Here are some of our favorites:

The fabric selection is adorable. Here are a few (you can see the rest on the site).

These pendants, as we mentioned previously, are totally inexpensive. They run between $200-$400.

To see the complete line, check out Lights Up web site. We'll be putting them up on our lighting section soon, so check our site in a few days...

Great Lake Story

I hope you're following Great Lake Story in Michigan Blue magazine and enjoying Jim & Susan Buda's captivating journal entries. In Blue's Winter publication the journal entry refers to the sketches Wayne Visbeen drew in the first five hours of their initial meeting. They are attached below:
Initial Concept Front Sketch
Initial Concept Rear Sketch
Initial Concept Side Sketch
Initial Concept Driveway Sketch
Initial Main Level Sketch
Initial Upper Level Sketch
Initial Concept Lower Level Sketch

Initial Concept Family Room
Initial Concept Kitchen Sketch
Initial Concept Lower Level
Initial Concept Billiards Room
Final Concept Front Sketch
Final Concept Rear Sketch
Final Living Room Sketch

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