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Modern Bedroom Design
Modern Bedroom Design




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Ideas About Home Decorating

Ideas about home decorating
Ideas about home decorating

Architectural Tutorial: Craftsman Style

The Craftsman Style, otherwise known as Arts and Crafts, was based on the Arts and Crafts movement in Europe led by English architect William Morris in the early 1900s. At the time, art, furniture and residential architecture reflected the Industrial Revolution and Victorian Era, where machines introduced mass production. The Craftsman Style intended to combat this by focusing on a simpler lifestyle, centered around handcrafted elements, natural materials and straight lines, both horizontal and vertical. Built-in furniture, staircase details, stained glass windows and many other elements were constructed with the same "carved and polished wooden aesthetic" throughout the home (Walker 180).

The most famous Craftsman architects were Charles & Henry Greene out of California. They were a major influence on the Craftsman Style spreading in the West and were best known for their bungalows. They incorporated other styles from England, Japan, Scandanavia and Switzerland into the exterior and simple interior design of their creations. They took personal interest in every aspect of their projects, designing everything from the hardware and leaded windows to built-in and movable furniture.

One of Greene & Greene's most famous designs, the Gamble House in Pasadena, CA, was designed for David & Mary Gamble of Procter & Gamble Company in 1908.
[image source:]

The front entry door of the Gamble House displays a "Tree of Life" design, a leaded glass, handcrafted masterpiece.
[image source:]

Another famous Greene & Greene Arts & Crafts design, the Pratt House was designed in 1909, infusing Japanese artful beauty and American practicality.
[image source:]

Another Craftsman Style pioneer was Gustav Stickley, an architect of Craftsman Style residences who was famous for his Craftsman furniture designs. He also started the publication titled, The Craftsman, a magazine that "took the basic ideas behind the English Arts & Crafts philosophy and moulded them to suit an American environment" (The Textile Blog).

Stickley's illustration of a living room fireplace built-in, published in The Craftsman in 1905.
[image source: Stubblebine 142]

Here are a few of Visbeen Associates' Craftsman Style designs for your viewing pleasure...

The low-pitched rooflines, stylish overhangs and the earthy palette of the exterior blend in with it's environment and are carried in throughout the interior of this Arts & Crafts Style design called the Amblewood.

True craftsmanship and detailed woodworking are manifested in Amblewood's staircase, reminiscent of Greene & Greene details of the past. Click here to read our architectural tutorial and learn about this type of stair.

The Hampshire is one of our uniquely modern Craftsman Style designs.

The Hampshire's inglenook hearth with charming tiled fireplace is flanked by a pair of cushioned, built-in benches and pays homage to Stickley's designs. Click here to read our articles on other fetching & functional built-ins.
The Clareville is a cottage Craftsman design with an abundance of artful attention to detail.

Simplified lines, a low-pitched roof, tapered columns and exposed rafters characterize the exterior of this updated Arts & Crafts design called the Lillington.

Craftsman quality and Mission-style amenities are hallmarks of the Richmond's versatile design.

Stubblebine, Ray. Stickley's Craftsman Homes: Plans, Drawings, Photographs. Layton: Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2006.
Walker, Lester. American Homes: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Domestic Architecture. New York: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 1981.

How To Decorate A Living Room

How to Decorate a Living Room

How to Decorate a Living - How to Decorate a Living Room - Create a beautiful living room with the amazing furniture and thousands of other great ...

Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Bedroom Interior Design
Modern Bedroom Interior Design

Beverly Hills Contemporary Modern Furniture Sofas Beds Bedroom Dining Tables Contemporary Chairs Coffee Tables Modern ...

beverly hills contemporary modern furniture sofas beds bedroom dining tables contemporary chairs coffee tables modern ...

beverly hills contemporary modern furniture sofas beds bedroom dining tables contemporary chairs coffee tables modern ...TV stands and home office. Lawrance is your one-stop for your living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, accessories and much more. Shop ...

Unique Coffee Table Inspired by The Bubbles Under Water

Furniture design, we will try to present to you coffee lovers. Maybe when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or evening, these tables can be used as a serving dish cup of coffee. This unique design, inspired by bubbles in the water, where foot buffer in the form of joint balls / bubbles are bound to each other. The color of the balls is a reflection of the color of coffee beans made from mahogany, and there is a round glass top. This coffee table is perfect for the complement your home interior that has the soul of art

Energetic Dream Home on The Coast

For those of you who want a dream home with an energetic and bright shades, here we will show a design house that designed a Tiburon Bay arisitek Armsden Butler. The house lies the coastal area, presenting a beautiful sea view and clearly visible from inside the room of the house. Expanse of sea is visible from the kitchen, lounge, porch, or bedroom. Why is called design-energy home? yep,,, because in every corner of the room of the house was touched by the rays of sunlight, making every corner of the room to be bright even without the use of lighting during the day. The use of electricity and hot water, using solar power here, so it can be called an eco-friendly home design. Although this house is a recycling process or the process of continuation of existing buildings, but between the interior and exterior design is very compact and harmonious without removing all pre-existing buildings such as the foundation of the house, and retaining walls. Part of the exterior design, there is a bridge that serves as a liaison between the garden and the house, besides as a problem solver steep place.

Home Decorating Ideas : How To Decorate A Room So It Seems Bigger

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Decorate a Room So It Seems Bigger

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Decorate a Room So It Seems BiggerDecorating a room one light color is a great way to make the space flow and appear bigger. Create a beautiful room by not adding clutter and large ...

Bedroom Decorating

Bedroom Decorating
Bedroom Decorating

Infill Home Designs

The first question you may have is, what is infill? Infill is simply defined as, "the use of vacant land and property within a built-up area for further construction or development, especially as part of a neighborhood preservation or limited growth program."1 In recent years, we have seen a shift from urban sprawl to downtown residential development. Metropolitan areas are once again becoming the epicenter for work and entertainment, so instead of building homes in the suburbs, people are moving closer to where the downtown action is happening. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 80% of Americans now live in metropolitan areas.2 Some cities like Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and Denver, Colorado have put into place urban infill initiatives specifically to encourage metropolitan growth and to combat urban sprawl.3 Cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan have established "tax-free" zones to advocate residency in the heart of the city.

Are you interested in living closer to your city's center? Do you own a lot in an established neighborhood that is in need of a fitting home design? You have come to the right place -Visbeen Associates has been designing infill homes for quite some time, especially in cities like East Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out just a few examples of our infill home designs...

The Beaconsfield was designed for a newly-cleared lot in an established, traditional neighborhood.

This Queen Anne cottage won first place at the Traditional Building Design Challenge in 2008. David & Jonathan Lorenz, of Visbeen Associates, designed this narrow cottage to contextually fit on a lot in one of Chicago's historic neighborhoods in North Lawndale.

The exterior of this brick bungalow is reminiscent of home designs of days past with the amenities and open floor plan of the homes of today, balancing the look of a historic home to fit it's surroundings on the outside and meeting the needs of a growing family on the inside.

This infill design, called the Haverhill, is a Georgian-style home whose symmetry, arched rooflines and stone masonry fit beautifully in the context of one of the oldest suburbs of it's county, with surrouding homes dating back to the early 1900's.4


Artaissance / ArtThatFits Art Tips: What Is A Giclee?

Artaissance / ArtThatFits Art Tips: What is a Giclee?

Artaissance / ArtThatFits Art Tips: What is a Giclee?Ever wonder what a giclee art reproduction is? Artaissance (, the unique online, interactive art gallery website experts will ...

Child Painting For Empty Room Wall Decoration

Child Painting For Empty Room Wall Decoration

Child Painting For Empty Room Wall DecorationBuy or order an oil portrait painting of your child for bedroom decorations.

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